Commission Information

I specialize in character portraits. As of right now, these are the services I provide:

These services may expand in the future!

And now for some delicious legalese.

Terms of Service

All payments must be made through PayPal. I will send an invoice through their native system. Payment is due at time of receipt. I will begin work when payment is made.

Please communicate with me regarding commissions through Twitter’s direct messages. This will ensure that all conversations are in the same place and easily accessible.

I will provide the hi-res PNG file to you upon completion. If if is too large to send over Twitter, I will host it here and provide a direct link to the media file for you to download.

I will have five slots open every time I take commission work, to avoid a long wait on your end, and to avoid becoming swamped and suffering from reduced quality on my end.

I reserve the right to refuse a commission. If, due to personal reasons on my end, I find I cannot complete a commission I have accepted, I will issue a full refund.

I reserve the right to use commissioned artwork for personal use, such as in a portfolio or collection. Please credit me and provide a link to my Twitter or this page if you decide to post the artwork on social media or in an image gallery. Other than that, the commissioned work is yours, and any way you want to use it is approved of by me.